Air Source Heat Pumps
About This Project

GSM Energy are pleased to have helped another customer with changing from electric storage heaters to a new Air Source Heat Pump system. Continuing with our aim of working locally and thereby providing total support and backup these customers in Whitchurch, Herefordshire have totally revamped their heating system. Out have gone the electric storage heaters that were costing £300 per month to run and in comes a highly efficient Mitsubishi 14kW Air Source Heat Pump and the customers are already noticing the decrease in costs and the superb all round heating and hot water that the system supplies.

One other benefit is that the customers will make their money back and more thanks to the excellent Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) that has confirmed their payments over the next seven years for making the switch.

Outdoor Unit of Air Source Heat Pump in Whitchurch, Herefordshire, saving and making money for the homeowners.

If you are on LPG, oil or electric heating, there is not a better time to call Paul O’Connor on 01531 – 828 782 and get your free survey sorted so that you can have all the facts as to how this new technology can benefit your home.